Titfees: Explore Online Fee Payment Methods For TIT Student 2024


In today’s fast-paced world, education is only one of the many aspects of life that technology has revolutionized. Technocrats Institute of Technology (TIT), is well-known for its wide range of academic programs and is situated in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. TITfees, an effective online fee payment system, has brought about the acceptance of the digital age. Students must have a seamless educational experience. You will learn how to complete it as a student online by adhering to this comprehensive guide. Here, we’ll cover every aspect of the platform that could be of further interest to you. 

What is Titfees?

Titfees is an online portal that was developed by the Technocrats Institute of Technology. The portal’s main aim is to provide all the payment-related options in one place for the student. In a world where online transactions can occasionally result in high risk, TIT Bhopal’s initiative aims to provide an approachable solution.

T.I.T. Group Of Institutions, Bhopal

Commensement of Semester 2024 

  (Even Sem)
Extended Final Last Date of Fee DepositExtended Final Last Date of Fee Deposit
  BTECH  II28.02.202401.03.202405.03.2024
  BTECH  IV28.02.202401.03.202405.03.2024
  BTECH   VI10.01.202412.01.202414.01.2024
  BTECH  VIII02.01.202403.01.202414.01.2024
  Pharmacy   II28.02.202401.03.202430.04.2024
  Pharmacy   IV28.02.202401.03.202405.03.2024
  Pharmacy  VI10.01.202412.01.202414.01.2024
  Pharmacy  VIII02.01.202403.01.202414.01.2024
  Diploma Pharmacy  II
  Diploma Pharmacy  IV02.01.202403.01.202414.01.2024
  MCA   II20.02.202422.02.202424.02.2024
  MCA   IV10.01.202412.01.202414.01.2024
  Polytechnic  II19.02.202419.02.202420.02.2024
  Polytechnic  IV12.02.202412.02.202420.02.2024
  Polytechnic  VI22.01.202422.01.202424.01.2024
  MTech  II
  MTech  IV
  MPharma  IV
  MBA  IV01.03.202404.03.202405.03.2024
  Comm & Sc.  II

Explore Various Courses Offered at TIT

Here are given a list of various courses, offered by TIT, which can help to find your choice:

  1. BTECH
  2. Pharmacy
  3. MCA
  4. MBA
  5. Polytechnic
  6. MTech
  7. MPharma
  8. LLB
  9. B-LLB
  10. Comm & Sc.

Important Update

1. Until The Final Date To Pay Fee: Nil

2. After The Fee Payment Deadline

There are some situations that you need to be informed about so that you can be mindful of the cases of missing the last date of fee payment

  1. Make sure to pay the fee by the last date to avoid extra charges. 
  2. If you have paid late for up to one month then it will charge Rs. 25 per day which can maximum charge of rs. 500/-
  3. Even after one month you have not paid then you may need to pay around 1000 rs as per the rs. 500+ Rs. 25/day
  4. You will be required to pay rs. 1000 + rs. 25 per day, or a maximum of 2000/– till the end of the semester if you are delayed by three months. 

History Of Technocrats Institute Of Technology

The college offers a variety of graduate and undergraduate programs in management, engineering, pharmacy, and law. It is approved by AICTE and associated with Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya (RGPV). Students must pay their course fees, which range from INR 55,600 to INR 88,000 per year, in order to continue their education. It is simple to pay these fees using the official college website.

Register On TITFees

Students need to register on the college website to benefit from online fee payment. The following easy steps make up the registration procedure:

  • Step 1: Once your email address and password have been entered, click “Register“.
  • Step 2: To verify the email address you submitted, click the link you received.
  • Step 3: To gain access to the portal, you must input your email address and password.
  • Step 4: Provide your name, course number, semester, and any other confidential information.
  • Step 5: Once the form is fully completed, upload your photo and signature.

Steps To Online TITFees Payment

If you are a student at T.I.T. Group of Institution and would want to pay for your health card, you must do the steps outlined below:-

  • Step 1: You must first choose the device’s browser.
  • Step 2: In your browser’s search bar, you must then type “titfees“.
  • Step 3: Next, among the several search results, you must choose the first option.
  • Step 4: After that, you will be taken to the official Titfees website. From there, you must search for and select the “Health Card” option.
  • Step 5: Once you’ve selected the option, a new page will appear and ask for a few basic details, such as User Name, and Password 
  • Step 6: Click “Login” once you have entered all the necessary information. To successfully complete your health card fee payment.

Method To Pay Fees Using TiTFees Online

If you need to make payment for your course then you need to follow the given below steps:-

  • The platform can be accessed by visiting the Titfees website or through the TIT Bhopal student portal.
  • In case you’re logging in again, enter your login details to access the account. In order to gain access, new users must first register. To do this, they must enter their name, email address, password, and student ID.
  • Once you’ve logged in, navigate to the fees section. Select the cost categories that you want to pay for, such as housing, tuition, or exams.
  • Enter all the necessary payment information, including the total amount that needs to be paid and any reference or invoice numbers that the organization may have provided.
  • From the list of available payment methods—which includes net banking, credit/debit cards, and digital wallets—select your preferred option.
  • Make sure each entry is accurate by double-checking it. Once the payment has been verified, proceed to confirm it.
  • Upon successful payment processing, you will receive a notice on the tit fees platform or an email. Following that, you may obtain the payment receipt.
  • Finally, ensure that you log out of your tit fees account for security purposes.

By following these steps, you can safely and conveniently settle your fees online via a platform, saving time and effort when compared to traditional payment methods.

Advantages Of Utilizing TIT Fees Online

Using the platform comes with multiple advantages, given below are a few of them:-

  • Time-Efficiency: Students can save a lot of time by using Tit fees because it removes the need for them to visit fee payment counters physically. The process only takes a few minutes to complete, allowing students to focus more on their academic work.
  • Reduced Paperwork: One typical procedure associated with the conventional approach was filing paperwork and paying fees. Tit promotes a more sustainable and environmentally friendly solution by digitizing the entire process, thereby lessening this load.
  • 24/7 Accessibility: It can be accessed at any time, unlike conventional payment methods that are limited to business hours. This flexibility frees students from time and location constraints so they can handle their payments whenever it is most convenient for them.


Students’ educational experiences at TIT Bhopal have been drastically transformed by the effective TITFees online fee payment system. By registering and making timely fee payments through the assigned portal, students guarantee the continuation of their academic endeavors.

Students can manage their education expenses easily and securely. It is possible with the help of a user-friendly way. It might develop into much more than just a straightforward mechanism for charging fees. Technology is going to become an integral part of the TIT Bhopal student experience as it develops.


Every detail that has been included in the post has been thoroughly investigated and is meant to be informative. Furthermore, the website has no ownership or connection to the portal.

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