How to Improve Your Online Visibility as a Realtor

Having and constantly improving your online visibility is important for every business these days, and the same goes for real estate agents.  There are quite a few ways to ensure you get eyeballs on your real estate agency online, but doing them right will help you jump the rankings. Making sure you have high visibility online for a higher number of people ensures you get an increased amount of leads and deals that close.

Improving Online Visibility

Improving your online visibility helps, but how do you do it? Let’s look into some ways you can increase your online presence, and ensure your real estate business keeps growing.

Showcase Your Brand

Creating yourself into a brand from just a person is the important step that you need to take, in order to create authority for your business. First, you need to have an identity of who you are yourself – and you need to understand your specialties in the real estate market and as a real estate agent, market yourself for that niche. 

Once you do that, it is just a step of creating your persona online. Create a professional website, have social media profiles dedicated to your business, and make sure to share crucial information about real estate and your niche on those platforms. Build out your content so that people take notice of you as an authentic and reliable real estate agent.

Website Optimization

Creating a website isn’t enough – you need people to want to click it. There are millions of websites on the internet and you have to convince both your audience and the internet that your website is worth checking out.

How do you do that though? The answer is SEO for real estate agents. Making sure your website has proper SEO done, is key. This can be done through filling out your website with blogging content that is related to your niche and has the necessary keywords within them. 

You also need to follow guidelines for meta descriptions, titles, headings, and other content. SEO for real estate agents is very important in order to get their websites ranking with the top competitors. Something specific to real estate websites is how you manage your listings – they need to have high-quality images and videos. Having video content helps you more as they are more engaging and interactive, getting more potential clients. 

Using Social Media

Social media is key for whatever you are doing these days – almost everyone is on some type of social media and they are very convenient to access. Creating your brand and placing it on social media is the first step, but utilizing applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn requires you to be active as well.

Constantly having content that is both informative and interactive will generate interactions and interest from your audience. Not to mention, people prefer social media accounts that seem genuine rather than robotic. That is why ensuring your social media for real estate agents is run by people who understand your audience is important, instead of posting just robotic informational posts.\

Google My Business

Google My Business is a key component of maintaining your online visibility nowadays, especially when it comes to the real estate industry.  Alongside GMB comes Google Maps and understanding map packs – allowing you to optimize your real estate business enough so that it is showcased on packs and gives you further authority with people online. It is crucial to place certain information which is very easy to get  but also very necessary which are, phone numbers, addresses, and customer reviews. 

Using Reviews

Reviews and ratings left by former clients can be very significant to the further growth of your real estate business. People are often dealing with real estate agents and if they notice good reviews and ratings – it automatically works to your benefit that others will notice the good treatment your company offers. Thus, utilizing and maintaining your quality is important, and always make sure to highlight the good work that your company has done on your website and your social media profiles. 


Overall, the internet can be a handy place for you to build your business further, but it needs to be done right. Balancing out between informational and interactive posts proves to be key when it comes to social media and maintaining proper SEO for real estate is important in maintaining the health of your website. Of course, make sure your content is authentic and represents who you are as a company.